Dr. Ir. Peter Vangorp

Assistant Professor at Utrecht University (Netherlands). My research interests include visual perception, computer graphics, and virtual reality.

I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Leuven (Belgium). I've held postdoctoral positions at REVES / Inria Sophia-Antipolis (France), Giessen University (Germany), MPI Informatik (Germany), and Bangor University (UK), and I was a Senior Lecturer at Edge Hill University (UK).


Journal Articles (13)

thumbnailAjienka, N., Vangorp, P., and Capiluppi, A., 2020
An empirical analysis of source code metrics and smart contract resource consumption
Journal of Software: Evolution and Process 32, 10

thumbnailBehera, A., Matthew, P., Keidel, A., Vangorp, P., Fang, H., and Canning, S., 2020
Associating facial expressions and upper-body gestures with learning tasks for enhancing intelligent tutoring systems
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education 30

thumbnailBarla, P., Pacanowski, R., and Vangorp, P., 2018
A Composite BRDF Model for Hazy Gloss
EGSR 2018

thumbnailVangorp, P., Barla, P., and Fleming, R. W., 2017
The Perception of Hazy Gloss
Journal of Vision 17, 5

thumbnailMukherjee, R., Debattista, K., Bashford-Rogers, T., Vangorp, P., Mantiuk, R. K., Bessa, M., Waterfield, B., and Chalmers, A., 2016
Objective and Subjective Evaluation of High Dynamic Range Video Compression
Signal Processing: Image Communication 47

thumbnailVangorp, P., Myszkowski, K., Graf, E. W., and Mantiuk, R. K., 2015
A Model of Local Adaptation

thumbnailKellnhofer, P., Ritschel, T., Vangorp, P., Myszkowski, K., and Seidel, H.-P., 2014
Stereo Day-for-Night: Retargeting Disparity for Scotopic Vision
ACM TAP 11, 3 (SAP 2014)

thumbnailVangorp, P., Richardt, C., Cooper, E. A., Chaurasia, G., Banks, M. S., and Drettakis, G., 2013
Perception of Perspective Distortions in Image-Based Rendering

thumbnailCirio, G., Vangorp, P., Chapoulie, E., Marchal, M., Lécuyer, A., and Drettakis, G., 2012
Walking in a Cube: Novel Metaphors for Safely Navigating Large Virtual Environments in Restricted Real Workspaces
IEEE VR 2012

thumbnailVangorp, P., Chaurasia, G., Laffont, P.-Y., Fleming, R. W., and Drettakis, G., 2011
Perception of Visual Artifacts in Image-Based Rendering of Façades
EGSR 2011

thumbnailBénard, P., Lagae, A., Vangorp, P., Lefebvre, S., Drettakis, G., and Thollot, J., 2010
A Dynamic Noise Primitive for Coherent Stylization
EGSR 2010

thumbnailLagae, A., Vangorp, P., Lenaerts, T., and Dutré, P., 2010
Procedural Isotropic Stochastic Textures by Example
Computers & Graphics 34, 4

thumbnailVangorp, P., Laurijssen, J., and Dutré, P., 2007
The Influence of Shape on the Perception of Material Reflectance

Conference Papers (7)

thumbnailKelly, S., Vangorp, P., Meyer, D., and Delke, V., 2021
A framework for implementing gamification in Purchasing and Supply Management education
IPSERA Annual Meeting 2021

thumbnailAnkomah, P., Vangorp, P., Behera, A., and Liu, Y., 2020
TaggedICP: An Iterative Closest Point algorithm with metadata knowledge for improved matching of 3D protein structures
IMVIP 2020

thumbnailKelly, S., Vangorp, P., Stek, K., and Delke, V., 2020
Opportunities for gamified learning in Purchasing and Supply Management education
ECGBL 2020

thumbnailAnkomah, P. and Vangorp, P., 2018
Virtual Reality: A literature review and metrics-based classification
CGVC 2018

thumbnailVangorp, P., Mantiuk, R. K., Bazyluk, B., Myszkowski, K., Mantiuk, R., Watt, S. J., and Seidel, H.-P., 2014
Depth from HDR: Depth Induction or Increased Realism?
ACM SAP 2014

thumbnailCabral, M., Vangorp, P., Chaurasia, G., Chapoulie, E., Hachet, M., and Drettakis, G., 2011
A Multimode Immersive Conceptual Design System for Architectural Modeling and Lighting
Tech note, IEEE 3DUI 2011

thumbnailVangorp, P. and Dutré, P., 2008
Shape-Dependent Gloss Correction
APGV 2008


thumbnailBarla, P., Vangorp, P., Zubiaga, C. J., and Fleming, R. W., 2016
Specular Kurtosis and the Perception of Hazy Gloss
Oral presentation, VSS 2016

thumbnailVangorp, P., Myszkowski, K., Graf, E. W., and Mantiuk, R. K., 2015
An Empirical Model for Local Luminance Adaptation in the Fovea
Oral presentation, ECVP 2015

thumbnailEdwards, M. R., Vangorp, P., and John, N. W., 2015
Towards a High Resolution Grip Measurement Device for Orthopaedics
Research Demonstration, IEEE VR 2015

thumbnailVangorp, P. and Fleming, R. W., 2012
Glossiness of Layered Materials
Poster, VSS 2012

thumbnailBénard, P., Lagae, A., Vangorp, P., Lefebvre, S., Drettakis, G., and Thollot, J., 2010
NPR Gabor Noise for Coherent Stylization

thumbnailVangorp, P., 2009
Human Visual Perception of Materials in Realistic Computer Graphics
Ph.D. thesis, K.U.Leuven

thumbnailVangorp, P., Condon, T. S., Ferwerda, J. A., Bala, K., Schoukens, R., and Dutré, P., 2009
Visual Equivalence in Dynamic Scenes
Technical Report CW 557

thumbnailLagae, A., Vangorp, P., Lenaerts, T., and Dutré, P., 2009
Isotropic Stochastic Procedural Textures by Example
Technical Report CW 546

thumbnailVangorp, P., Dumont, O., Lenaerts, T., and Dutré, P., 2006
A Perceptual Heuristic for Shadow Computation in Photo-Realistic Images
Sketch, ACM SIGGRAPH 2006

thumbnailVangorp, P. and Yskout, K., 2005
Multispectral Rendering
Master's thesis, K.U.Leuven